As you can from the 3d animation below, we created this for a client whose business sold luxury kitchens. The brief had two main elements; to capture the quality and the style-led nature of his products and effectively replicate certain mechanisms such as the opening and closing of unit doors. 

This brief therefore had both creative and technical elements, while it also called on us to use all of our experience in photo-realism and animation. The introduction of authentic and well-timed motion is crucial in bringing the functionality of the products to life, however, while the high quality renders ensure that the core design elements are captured as effectively as possible.


In days gone by, branding was strictly an external exercise that was used to create an identity and drive repeat business. Internal branding is now a huge part of business, however, particularly in the quest to retain existing talent. As a result of this, we have a number of clients who use our expertise to create innovative visual solutions for this purpose, from animated screensavers to interactive backgrounds.

In the example below, we were required to create an animated screen-saver that was to be rolled out across the business. Although relatively simple in some ways, the creative design process was quite detailed whole attempting to create a fluid animation on Windows devices was also challenging. We were proud of the end result, however, and particularly the flair and technical proficiency that it represents.


The next animation remains one of our favourites, as the team was commissioned to create a virtual walkthrough and demonstrate the transition from one point of sale to another.

Our client’s aim was to successful restructure the store layout and point of sale arrangement to effectively sell the new Xbox console. They therefore needed to visualise the proposed layout and explore this in keen detail, using the principles of Panorama VR and precise camera movements.

This was a slightly unusual challenge that we truly embraced, and not only due to the immersive and technical nature of the product. It also meant that we could directly impact on our client’s future profitability, as our expertise guided their decision making concerning a lucrative and highly saleable product.

A beautiful experience!

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The rendering of product looks amazing !  We are really happy with the whole thing and can only thank for all the effort and hard work you obviously put into the design and modelling process.

As always delivered sterling work, exceeding my expectations. In turn my client was very happy with the resulting animation, great detail, great realism, all round fantastic work!

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